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Nic really listened to my needs, and provided visionary solutions to both the technical and aesthetic objectives of my project.  Thanks to Nic I now have a beautiful, functional design that fits perfectly within my space and budget.I am grateful to have had the advice of such a skilled and creative thinker - It was an absolute pleasure working with Nic.

Meredith, North Hobart, 2016


Nic has been an amazing support to me through all phases of my renovation.  From the initial conceptualisation of the design, to working closely with the architect to communicate to my ideas, to helping me understand the processes around planning and building permits, to telling me when to order windows, to liaising with the builder – Nic was there for me in unimaginable ways!  He is so familiar with all the processes and required actions of building project– this is amazing to have as back up as I didn’t know any of this information as a first-time renovator.  He guided me through the whole process, relatively effortlessly.  If there was a problem with anything, Nic would have a solution – be it advocating for me a council; coming up with an innovative and tasteful design solution;  brokering a better deal with a tradie; or saving me a lot of money by doing things a certain way.


On a personal level, Nic was unimaginably friendly, kind, supportive and generous.  He knew that I had no experience and unlike so many tradies that would speak down to me, Nic always treated me with respect and would help me understand the processes and decisions I needed to make.  Nic knew when to push me to make a decision and when I could coast.  He knew when I needed help making a hard decision and when to ‘back off’ and let me run with my dreams.   


I can honestly say that my renovation would probably not have happened without Nic’s help and support.  At the end of the day, the financial cost of using Nic has been saved because he was able to speed up so many processes and identify cost-saving mechanisms.  Perhaps more importantly, however, the benefit to my own ‘sanity’ has been worth every penny I spent on Nic.  I knew I had back-up and unlike so many other renovations that are stressful or just never happen, Nic has ensured that my renovation has been relatively stress-free and is happening right on schedule.  


Thanks Nic for everything!  My beautiful renovation never would have happened without your professional experience and personal attributes.

Janet, South Hobart, 2017

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